Dr C Rajendran

Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calicut

   Aug 05


Abhinayadarpana, assigned to the mythical Nandikesvara is an exhaustive manual of angikabhinaya, the acting consisting of bodily movements relevant to Indian classical dance forms like Bharatnatya. The handy work, consisting of more than three hundred mnemonic verses deals with even the minute aspects of bodily acting in a lucid manner and has become an indispensable companion to all serious students of Indian theatre, especially dance. Professor Rajendran, an authority of Indian theatre puts the work in perspective in his learned introduction and makes it approachable to even a general reader with his elegant translation.

ISBN 81-8315-061-6 New Bharatiya Book Corporation, Delhi 2007


  1. Preethi says:

    Looking to buy 50pcs Abhinayadarpana in English for our school.
    Please provide school discount ….may need more in the near future.
    Thank you.
    USA Cell: 5714326920

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