Dr C Rajendran

Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calicut

   Aug 05

Studies in Comparative Poetics

The revised and enlarged second edition of the author’s A Transcultural Approach to Sanskrit Poetics.


1. The inner world of poesy.
2. The creative process.
3. Poetic form-problems and approaches.
4. The problems of originality and literary influences.
5. Perspectives on obscurity.
6. Style and stylistics.
7. Direct and oblique poetry.
8. Literature as experience.
9. The suggestive art.
10. Axiology and evaluation.
11. Sanskrit poetics in the post-structuralist scenario.
12. Dhvani, text and context: post modernist problems.

“Comparative poetics opens up exciting avenues in our perceptions as we see the same basic issues addressed to from different angles by thinkers separated by time and space, but often speaking in the same language. Here divergence of views is as important as convergence since both help us to understand given cultures better. The present work, with its comprehensiveness and openness of approach retrieves much of the valuable insights of Indian tradition my putting it in proper perspective. The author spans a vast area of knowledge from the time of Bharata and Aristotle stretching to modern and post-modern developments in literary theory.”

Delhi, New Bharatiya Book Corporation, 2001, 164 p.
ISBN 81-87418-36-2.

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