Dr C Rajendran

Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calicut

   Aug 05

A study of Mahimabhatta’s Vyaktiviveka


The revised and enlarged second impression of the author’s A study of Mahimabhatta’s Vyaktiviveka ‘A very significant contribution to Alankara studies’ – Dr.K.Krishnamoorthy
Year: 2003
ISBN : 818741877X

[ 23 cm., pp. xiii+290 ]


Review of the first edition of the book “Vyaktiviveka-A Critical study”. at that time it was titled “A study of Mahimabhatta’s Vyaktiviveka”.



  1. We would like to purchase a copy of your book ‘A study of Mahimabhatta’s Vyaktiviveka’ but unable to locate a copy anywhere.
    Would you be able to send us a copy? We would of course pay for it immediately upon receiving an invoice.
    Thank you for your help!
    Francoise Simmons (Head of Faculty Library)
    Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (University of Cambridge)
    Sidgwick Avenue
    Cambridge CB3 9DA
    United Kingdom

    • crajenin says:

      The second edition pof the book is entitled Vyaktiviveka-A Critcal study and published by New Bharatiya Book Corporation,Delhi.Please search net.

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