Dr C Rajendran

Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calicut

   Aug 02


Dr.C.Rajendran ,Former Professor and Head, Department of Sanskrit, University of Calicut is an Indologist   of international repute.

Recipient of several prestigious awards,Rajendran has about thirty books and more than two hundred papers to his credit related to Literary theory, Theatre, Linguistics, Musicology , Comparative Literature, Chess History and Ancient Indian Management. He has visited Germany, Finland, Poland, France and the Czech Republic and worked as Visiting Professor in the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris,Jagiellonian University,Krakow, Calcutta University and University of Poona.

Dr. C. Rajendran
28/1097, “Rajadhani”
T.P. Kumaran Nair Road
Chevayur, Calicut – 673 017

Ph : +91(495) 2354624

E-mail : crajenin@yahoo.com,rajenc@gmail.com







  1. V.R.Muralidharan says:

    വിരാജതേ രാജ ഇവാത്ര വിദ്യാവിശാരദേഷ്വപ്രതിമോ ഗുരുര്‍മേ.
    വിരമ്യതേ യേന കലാലയേഭ്യഃ ന ശിഷ്യവര്‍ഗ്ഗസ്യ ഹൃദന്തരേഭ്യഃ

    • crajenin says:

      Svastyastu te maamakavatsasishya!
      subhani bhooyamsi bhavantu tubhyam/
      krtaarthataam yaati mama pravrttih.//

  2. Ram Prasad says:

    I came to know about you and your works through Mr. Rick Knowlton of ancientchess.com.
    Recently we discovered one chess set with extra ordinary shaped pieces, we couldn’t find any explanation so i asked the help from Rick who came with a satisfactory answer through Manfred Eder who mentioned about your work – INDIAN VIEWS, an article by Prof. Dr. C Rajendran.
    The photos which i sent to Rick is also forwarded to you by Karin Eder. If you can help me to get more information like articles, further pictures etc..about those chess pieces i will be very thankful.

    Thanks & regards,

    Ram Prasad.A.T

  3. K Balakrishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Happened to listen to your talk about poems of Edassery yesterday on Kochi FM Radio while driving.

    I am Balakrishnan from Tripunithura, a Cost Accountant by profession.

    Can you please post the text of the same here?

    Thank You
    K Balakrishnan, “KRISHNA LEELA” Parambath House, Sanskrit College Road, Tripunithura

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